Our Score

What you will find:
Our scoring system is used to evaluate the sustainability level of goods, it's based on composite indicators and allows us to quantify complex phenomena by analysing and combining the different elements that influence the different aspects of product sustainability. Specifically, our system is composed of 5 sub-indicators, which show 5 dimensions of sustainability: workers' well-being and social solidarity , sustainability of the production and supply chain (cradle to grave), the environmental impact of production materials, the ecological footprint of the energetic resources and, lastly, the impact on other species and the ecosystem. These composite sub-indicators are then combined to generate a complessive score of the social and environmental impact of the products.

Our scores can change periodically when new products are added on our store or when the existing ones increase their socio-environmental performance. This allows us to offer always the latest and most updated information on the sustainability level of goods, while encouraging eco-innovation, circular economy solutions and good company welfare practices.

To guarantee truthful information, we created a verification system to check the data upon our scores are calculated. This process is based on certificates and official documents provided by the producers to support their claims.

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