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Our online platform helps users discover the level of environmental and ethical sustainability of products, guiding them in the purchase process

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Who we are

We are a team of young entrepreneurs, driven by our values to pursue a better way to do business. We want to make shopping for sustainable products easy and accessible to all, while promoting ethical businesses and the growth of a greener economy.

What we do

Using data provided by the producers selling on our platform, we generate a score which evaluates the social and environmental impact of each of their products.

We analyse products and companies with accessible and easily understandable criteria. Our scores are divided in 5 areas for more transparency and accuracy.

We let consumers express their opinion on products through reviews, so they can guide other users in their choice.

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For consumers

Easy, safe, sustainable.

Search for green products

Use the search bar to find the category or product you want to buy.

Sustainability level

In the product page you will find its characteristics, price, reviews and level of sustainability.


Buy what you want using your preferred payment method.

Home delivery

Your purchase will arrive at your doorstep in a sustainable and timely manner.

For producers

Powerful, engaging, ethical.

Find more value in your certificates

Through our scores we will transform certificates consumers don't understand into easily comprehensible values that will guide their purchases.

Highlight your sustainability

Show to your customers how sustainable are your products, and differentiate from your competitors by entering an exclusive marketplace reserved for real green businesses.

Reach your target audience

Be visible to people that sincerely care about the planet and are loyal to green brands like yours.

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